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June 27
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It was just another day, trudging around the apartment in bed socks. There wasn’t much to do since it was pouring down with rain on a Sunday. Sighing, you flopped onto the sofa which was just in front of the TV. There wasn’t much on, just some old Western movie, which was also a musical. You buried your head into a sofa cushion grumbling in frustration.


Your ears perked up when you heard someone padding down the hallway slowly though, causing you to look up, even though you already knew who it was. Emil, your currently heart-broken flat-mate, was shuffling down towards the kitchen. You drew you lips into a tight line. He had just been dumped only a day ago and hadn’t told anyone but you, not even his brother Lukas. Of course you felt sympathy for him but you always knew that it was a relationship doomed for a bad ending. You had actually tried to hint him that it would be like that, but he was a bit too stubborn to notice.


The thing was though; you were actually kind of glad that he was dumped. Why? You just had to fall in love with the person you were living with. So when it came to this ordeal you were actually quite conflicted, thus making you very unhelpful to Emil.


“Emil,” you called, your voice was slightly muffled due to your chin being dug into the sofa cushion.


“What is it?” He called back. Well at least he sounded better.


“Eat something good,” you advised sitting up. “No more liquorice until you’ve eaten a good meal.”


“Who are you, my mother?” Emil asked sarcastically, rolling his eyes as he searched the cupboards.


“No,” you answered, hanging half of your body off the end of the sofa. “But I am a deeply concerned flat-mate of yours that thinks you need to eat something good. And don’t bother trying to find the packet. I’ve hidden all of your stash.”


A groan could be heard from the kitchen before a door slammed shut. The fridge opened before being slammed shut again. Plates and cutlery could be heard shuffling about before Emil came into the living room with a sandwich. He sat down on the edge of the sofa, just next to your feet and began to eat.


“What’s on?” Emil asked with a mouthful of food sounding a little better from eating something.


“Crap, crap and more crap,” you grumbled, flicking through the channels again. “But tell me if anything tickles your fancy.”


“Tickles my fancy?” Emil asked, raising an eyebrow at you. “Who even says that these days?”


“I do,” you smirked. “At least my vocabulary is bigger than yours, you bitch ass white boy.” You gave out a small laugh after remembering what happened not only a month ago.


“That happened one time and I was drunk,” Emil muttered turning back to his sandwich. “But I’m no bitch ass white boy.”


“Pffft,” you snickered. “Like hell you aren’t.” Emil stayed silent, focused on his sandwich. After a while you finally decided to speak up. “So how is the, you know, going?”


Emil sighed heavily, putting down his plate. He sat back up and ran a hand through his hair. “Alright. Better, I suppose,” he shrugged. Emil stood up, slouching over slightly. “I’m gonna go now.” He walked off, but you grabbed his wrist just in time, pulling him down so his face was inches away from yours.


“No, you’re going to stay here with me,” you ordered. “No more sulking about, no more being depressed. Emil, you’re a good-looking guy, who is intelligent as hell, any girl would be lucky to have you. So please, just forget about that bitch.”


“_____, I can’t,” he whispered, averting his eyes away from yours.


You let go of Emil’s wrist and cupped his face in your hands, squishing his cheeks together. “Why not?” You asked.


Emil took a sharp inhale before speaking. “Because,” he murmured, “I never really even loved her.”


Your hands dropped as you stared at him wide eyed. “What did you say?”


“I never loved her,” Emil said, more loudly. “I don’t even know why I went out with her.”


“Then why have you been moping around? It just doesn’t make sense,” you slowly shook your head to show the misunderstanding.


“It’s just that,” Emil began but stopped short. He sighed deeply before looking into you (e/c) eyes. “I’ve liked someone else for a while.”


You felt a pang of pain race through your chest before realising something. Emil was looking at you with those eyes. The ones you saw in movies when the guy was in love with the girl. The half linden kind, that weren’t made of lust but love.


Slowly you could feel the distance between you closing. Your face nearing his, unsure that this is what he wanted. You closed your eyes, waiting for this perfect moment to be sealed with a kiss, a kiss on those soft lips that belonged to Emil. Though every perfect moment had to be ruined and this time was no exception.


A knock on the door made you freeze and open your eyes. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Emil’s hand nearing yours.


“You should probably go get that,” Emil sighed.


“Probably,” you replied and backed away, standing up off the sofa before walking to the front door. Opening the door you saw that Elizaveta was waiting for you. As soon as she saw you her faced turned into a smile.


“Hey _____,” Elizaveta waved.


“Hi Elizaveta, what are you doing here?” You asked looking around for Chelles who usually accompanied Elizaveta when it came to ‘kidnapping’ you.


“Well Chelles and I were actually wondering if you wanted to come to the movies with us,” she shrugged and looked at your expression. “She’s waiting in the car by the way.”


You turned around and looked at Emil who was awkwardly picking at the crusts on the plate. As much as you wanted to spend a girl’s day you really just wanted to, well, kiss Emil. “I’m sorry but I’m going to have to pass,” you sighed, trying to look disappointed. “Emil’s still kinda depressed.”


Elizaveta looked at you wide eyed. “You’re turning down The Fault In Our Stars for Emil?” She asked. You answered with a nod and a sorry expression. “You do know we’re paying for everything, right?”


“I know, I just want to make sure Emil’s fine,” you shrugged. “He’s finally came out of his room.”


Elizaveta sighed shaking her head. “Well if you’re trying to help him get back on the bandwagon, I’ll catch you later then,” Elizaveta walked away still shaking her head slightly, mumbling something.


“See ya,” you called before shutting the door with a sigh.


“Did you really turn down that for me?” You heard Emil ask as he came up behind you. You turned around. “For me?” He repeated.


You rolled your eyes at him and grabbed him by the collar. “Oh just shut up already, I’m trying to help you,” you said and pulled him in for a kiss. You spun him around quickly, pinning him against the door. “So just take it already,” you murmured against his lips.


“Gladly,” Emil smirked, wrapping his hands around your waist, pulling you closer to him. 

Crappy, cliched and fluffy fanfiction for the win! :iconffffpuffinplz:

So this was inspired by a conversation I had with my friends last night, when I was talking about a ship with Iceland and my friend (who was trying to find turn down for what) typed in Turn Down For Iceland. Thus, this was created. 

But yeah please don't mind my crappy writing :iconamericaflipplz: I just sort of belted this out (sorry for OOCness to) 
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