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April 26
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Room number, 201. It was exactly opposite from your room, at the end of the hall. Inside held your Italian friend Feliciano, or Feli as you were asked to call him by. You speed-walked down to the end of the hallways and held your hand away from the door, ready to knock.


"Wait, what am I doing?" You asked yourself, shaking your head and lowering your fist. "He sleeps like a log, he'll never hear me if I just knock. Besides he won't overreact if I just walk in there. He'll probably be glad to see me, even if it is this late at night."


You tried the doorknob and slowly opened the door. Just like Feli to leave the door open. You crept inside and shut the door behind you. Lying in bed, curled up to a ball was the sleeping Italian. Walking over to the bed you tried to decide how to wake him up.


"I can't do the moustache and grape thing, that's Ludwig's thing," you mumbled to yourself. "What can I do? What can I. . . Ah!" You gave a mischievous smile. "Feli, there's an all you can eat Italian buffet down stairs. Oh and they just cooked the pasta so it'll be nice. . ."


"Pasta?!" Feil exclaimed, shooting out of bed. Now getting a better look at his you could see he was in his boxers and a button-down shirt.


"Hah, I knew that would wake you," you smiled at your victory over the challenge of the sleeping Italy.


Feliciano cocked his head your way and squinted his eyes to get a better look at you. "Bella? What are you doing here?" He asked.


"I've told you not to call me bella," you sighed in annoyance. Sure the first time he had called you that it was cute and all, but you weren't into nicknames.


"Oh sorry bella," Feliciano apologized. You gave him an evil glare. "I mean (n-name)." You relaxed again. "But what are you doing here?"


"I sorta had a nightmare," you answered quietly looking down. "And usually when I have a nightmare my little sis is there to comfort me, but she isn't. So I thought that maybe you could help me out and stuff."


"Of course!" Feliciano half-shouted happily. "You can stay in by bed tonight. I may not be very strong but I'll try my best to keep those nightmares away. And if you do have a nightmare we can just go down and eat that pasta at the buffet."


"Um, Feli," you said awkwardly. "There is no buffet. I was just trying to wake you up."


"Oh," Feliciano pouted.


You sat on Feli's messy bed, sinking into the mattress. "Don't worry Feli, we'll get some pasta tomorrow," you smiled weakly.


"Oh no bella," you decided to let that one pass, "I don't mind, really. Anyway I should be the one comforting you here!" He wrapped his arms around you and gave you a tight squeeze. "Do you want to talk about it?"


"No, I forgot what it was all about," you sighed. "All I can remember is blood, blood and more blood. Oh and a high pitch scream, before even more blood rained down."


You felt Feliciano shiver next to you. "Scary," he whimpered. "D-don't worry (nickname) it w-wasn't real. You're safe now. And if someone does try to attack you, we'll just run to Germany! He'll protect us."


"Yeah," you yawned. You didn't realise how tired you really were. "Feliciano, I'm tired. Can we. . ."


"Of course, bella," you were too tired to correct him on that one, "whatever you want."


And with that you fell sideways onto the bed, your head making contact with a pillow. You sighed happily as you felt the bed shift. Feliciano lay down by your side and curled up to your body. His arms wrapping around you and one of his legs intertwined with yours. You didn't mind the predicament. Italy could be a little clingy at times, besides you actually felt safer this way. He threw the blanket over the two of you.


"Now I have someone to cuddle up to," you heard Feli mumble happily, before a small snore came from his mouth.


And soon you could feel yourself drifting off to, being held in Feliciano's warm and safe grasp.




"Hey, (name) wake up. Come on (name) wake up," you heard someone calling you.


You opened your eyes and felt them stinging as they adjusted to the light. You could smell pasta and your cheek was being prodded.


"Is that pasta I smell?" You asked, your voice croaking slightly.


"Si! I saved some from last night so we can have pasta for breakfast," a happy Italian answered. You looked and saw Feliciano hovering above you. "Also I've invited Ludwig and Kiku over to!"


"Oh," you yawned sitting up.


Feliciano had already bounded away, getting the pasta ready for the guests coming. "Oh bella, did I help keep the nightmares away?" He asked.


You smiled and walked over to Feliciano. You wrapped your arms around his neck and buried your head into his shoulder, smiling.


"Yes you did," you mumbled.


(Would be super clingy, holding close to whoever is sleeping beside them)

I spent most of the day procrastinating but I finally wrote something in the end  So this is my first fic with Italy in it so he might (probably) be out of character 
I actually wouldn't mind being hugged by Italy since he just seems so huggable. Actually both of the Italians seem huggable!  Italy Stops Romano (Huggy) [V1]  but I don't think Romano doesn't like the idea of being hugged. . . Oh well 

Intro -…
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