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April 22
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You walked to the middle of the hallway and glanced up at the door you had stopped at, room 216. You knew that he would help you out, he always did. He was that kind of person even if he did get a bit cocky. Besides he considered you like family and you felt like he was your charming and attractive, not-blood-related, big brother. You knocked on the door and heard a quick scurry over the floorboards inside.


The door opened to reveal the wide awake Matthias or Denmark. His hair was in the same gravity defying style it always was. He had changed into a long black shirt and pink pyjama pants with little white teddy bear heads sewn onto the knees. His eyes lit up once they saw you and a wide grin spread across his face.


"I knew you would come around on the sleepover offer," Matthias smirked and grabbed your arm. "Come in, there's no reason for you to stand out there." He pulled you into his dark room. "Now it is a bit late so we can't organise a spare bed for you but you can always sleep with the king," he rambled and began to walk in front of you. "Now we can play some games if you want. I got a box of Lego with our name on it. So how about. . ." He stopped once he got a proper view of your puffy face. His smile disappeared and his eyes showed worry. "_____, are you okay?"


You shook your head, unable to speak because you were on the verge of tears. You crushed yourself into his well-built chest and wrapped your arms around his torso. The Dane quickly put his arms around you. One of them cradled your head, like he had done this a thousand times before. He started to mumble that everything was okay in your ear, giving you time to calm down and come to your sense.


“Nightmare,” was all you could manage to say. You sniffled before lessening your grip on Matthias.


“Hah,” Matthias chuckled lightly, “you sort of remind me of Lukas when he was younger. He’d come every now and again when he had nightmares.” He paused for a second. “But you are much cuter at being scared then he was.”


You let out a small and airy laugh before separating from the tall Dane. He was smiling at you fondly as he recalled the old memories.


“So no Lego then huh?” Denmark said more to himself. “I suppose you want to go to sleep?”


You nodded.


“And want someone to go to sleep with to feel safe? That’s why you came running to me?” He asked. “Because you knew that a King would help you.” He gave a playful wink.


“Not so much that I came running to you because you’re a self-proclaimed king,” you answered, finally being able to speak. “You’re like family to me so it’s only natural.”


“Well either way you get to stay with me for the night,” Matthias grinned. “Now like I was saying earlier you’ll have to sleep in my bed with me. Don’t worry I won’t take up to much space.” He pulled you over to the bed before flopping down onto it. “And I’ll keep those nightmares away. No bad dream would ever dare to touch my precious sleeping _____ while the King is watching over her!”


“Okay settle down there king,” you said. “There are no bad dreams around yet.” You yawned and took the spot next to Matthias.


You decided to pull the covers over your body and close your eyes. The bed shifted before you felt Matthias’s hot breath tickle your neck. He started to sing something, soft and sweetly, probably a lullaby to help you get to sleep. His voice was very different from its usual loudness. And soon you could feel yourself drift to sleep.




You woke up in a terrible position as your heart jolted. You were inches away from the ground. Your hands just holding you up as your body was half out of the bed. You could feel Matthias somewhat hairy leg wrap around yours. With a heavy sigh you began to awkwardly army crawl out of the bed, freeing your legs from their prison. You landed on the floor with a little thud and stood up to view the sleeping Matthias.


He was spread across the bed. His head nowhere near his pillow, arms and legs sprawled out on the mattress giving little room for you to sleep. You defiantly needed to get him back for pushing you out of the bed. Didn’t he say something about him having Lego around? You thought with a wicked smile. You grabbed his bag and quietly unzipped it. Inside were clothes, papers and on top a dirty magazine.


“Seriously Matthias?” You whispered and moved past the magazine. You kept digging until you found a box. “Ah here it is.” You grabbed the box out and sure enough it was filled to the brim with Lego.


You opened the lid and tried your best to pour the Lego onto the floor silently. Lucky for you Matthias was a deep sleeper and his snorting covered up the sound. You made a circle around the bed and made it close enough so when he stood up he’d step on it right away. As soon as you were finished you positioned yourself at the end of the bed, pass the Lego.


“Matthias!” You shouted. “The King of Northern Europe needs to wake up!”


Matthias opened his eyes and sat up yawning. “Morning,” he smiled and stepped out of bed right into the Lego.


You had expected the expected but it wasn’t quite what you received. Matthias looked blankly on the floor trying to figure out why there was Lego there. After a couple of seconds a smile crossed his face.


“You do know that Lego won’t hurt me _____,” Matthias laughed and stepped off the Lego. “After all it is from my country.” He started to move towards you. “So I think as payback. . .” He grinned at you wider. He stopped his movements all together. “Remember I know where you are ticklish,” he whispered.


Oh crap. . .


(Would most likely push the other person out of bed)

Ah yes Denmark :icondenmarkplz: I always knew you were the non-cuddle-up-to-while-going-to-sleep type. But you can't really blame him since he is a pretty big guy that needs his space. . .

And also two uploads in one day? Chocolate high my friends since Easter was only a couple of days ago te he so kind of in the mood for writing a heap!

Intro -…
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