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April 15
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You woke with a start. Your breathing was heavy, eyes wide open in fear. You grabbed a pillow and stuffed your face into it, screaming and crying. To make things worse a thunderstorm just happened to be passing by. Why did this have to happen now? Just after world meeting. God, why must my brain make up such horrible things to dream about?

You were currently staying at a hotel with a lot of the other nations. Why? Because you had stopped at this place for a little stretch after the meeting. But things turned from good to bad when it started raining and to even worse when there was flash flooding. You had no other choice then to stay, along with other nations that wanted a rest too.

You started to calm down and soon the memory of your nightmare faded away. Although you knew this wouldn't be the end of it. Usually when you tried to fall back asleep after having a nightmare a even more terrifying one would take its place.

But there was a way to cure it. Too bad your younger sister wasn't there to let you hope into bed with her. Usually she would let you come into the small and cramped bed with her, where she would make you laugh and eventually fall asleep, nightmare free. But she wasn't here.

That's when you had a late night crazy idea which you would never go through if you weren't this scared. The other nations would be kind enough to help you out right? Yeah they would, they did help you out with the crisis a couple of years back. So surely they'll help you out with a nightmare.

You got up and put on your slippers before heading out the door. You draped a small blanket over you, keeping you from shivering like a mad dog. Slowly you began to wonder down the very large hallway, looking for that certain room number in the dark.
Okay so these are going to be quick little oneshots about the nations and how they cuddle/sleep with another person, because everyone would want the chance to cuddle up to a nation!  Tohru hugs Kisa-chan [V1] 

This was inspired by a headcannon that I saw a while back so I decided to make it into this.

Also two notes: 1) it is my first time writing some of the characters and 2) in this reader insert you call the nations by their human names (this is to save any confusion)  Rainu okie 

Italy -…
Germany -…
Japan -…
America -…
England -…
France -…
China -…
Russia -…
Romano -…
Spain -…
Prussia -…
Denmark -…
Finland - Coming Soon!
Iceland -…
Norway -…
Sweden -…
Lithuania - Coming Soon!
Poland - Coming Soon!
Latvia - Coming Soon!
Estonia -…
Greece - Coming Soon!
Turkey - Coming Soon!
Switzerland -…
Scotland - Coming Soon!
Ireland - Coming Soon!
Wales - Coming Soon!
Sealand - Coming Soon!
South Korea - Coming Soon!
Hong Kong - Coming Soon!
Romania - Coming Soon!
Cuba - Coming Soon!
Australia - Coming Soon!
New Zealand - Coming Soon!
Austria - Hetalia x Reader - Need A Hug? - Austria
Seborga - Coming Soon!
Thailand - Coming Soon!
Portugal - Coming Soon!
Macau - Coming Soon!
India - Coming Soon!
Egypt - Coming Soon!
Holy Rome - Coming Soon!
Chibitalia - Coming Soon!
Bulgaria - Coming Soon!
Rome - Coming Soon!
Hungary - Coming Soon!
Ukraine - Coming Soon!
Lichtenstein - Coming Soon!
Belgium - Coming Soon!
Belarus - Coming Soon!
Vietnam - Coming Soon!
Taiwan - Coming Soon!
Britannia - Coming Soon!
Philippines - Coming Soon!
Nyo!Belarus - Coming Soon!
Nyo!Hungary - Coming Soon!
Nyo!Ukraine - Coming Soon!
Nyo!Prussia - Coming Soon!
Nyo!Germany - Coming Soon!
Nyo!Lichtenstein - Coming Soon! 
Nyo!Vietnam - Coming Soon!
Nyo!America - Coming Soon!
Nyo!England - Coming Soon!
Nyo!China - Coming Soon!
Nyo!Philippines - Coming Soon!
2p!Prussia - Coming Soon!
2p!Russia - Coming Soon!
2p!Germany - Coming Soon!
2p!Italy - Coming Soon!
2p!Romano - Coming Soon!
2p!China - Coming Soon!
2p!Japan - Coming Soon!
2p!Belarus - Coming Soon!
2p!Spain - Coming Soon!
2p!Thailand - Coming Soon!
2p!Sweden - Coming Soon!
2p!Denmark - Coming Soon!
2p!Finland - Coming Soon!
2p!Australia - Coming Soon!

Also if you guys have any requests or suggestions for other countries I could add, both 1p and 2p, or nyo or even 2p!nyo characters, I would be happy to try my best with them! Racing Girl Emoji (Heart shot wink) [V3] 

- Update - 

Link to the official headcannons -…
Link to the official and original headcannons -…

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